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Everything you need for your events in one App.

Find Users

Find anyone's professional profile in the user search engine

Meeting Arrengement

Arrange meetings with other users

Keep In Touch

Keep in contact after the event


Check the event's schedule and organize yours

Interactive Map

Find where everything is and navigate the event

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Why Face 2 Face

Everything you need in one package.

Organize the event

Face 2 Face lets event planners create and organize all the event's content from the admin console. You can also keep track of the app's use, as well as manage the entire event from there.

Improve attendee's experience

Face 2 Face believes that the key to an event's success relies on the attendee's satisfaction. To improve the attendee's experience, we trust that innovation plays a major role. The app offers a wide range of features to make the attendee's life easier and more interactive during the event.

Foster Networking

Events such as trade shows and congress are created with a goal in mind, and that is to get people together. Face 2 Face has developed all its features around the idea of making networking easier, faster and more direct. For that the app's meeting arrangement system allows the users to find the people they were looking for in an event and meet them in person.

Keep your sponsors happy

Most events wouldn't be possible without the reliable sponsors that supports them. In exchange, sponsors want to be part of the event and gain visibility and exposure to the public through the event. The app features a dedicated space in the app to showcase all the different sponsors that made the event possible.

Raise expositor's presence

The keystone of trade shows are all, the expositors that go to these events to showcase their products to their audience. Expositors need to have a stronger presence and be visible to their public. To solve that, Face 2 Face allows its users to find the stands that interest them, and the expositors representing them.

Make the event last

Events last forever through the people that attended them. Events have a limited duration, but their goals is tho make the event last overtime. That's why the app allows the users to keep in touch after a meeting.

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